Lodge 15's Logo

On July 12, 2018, after a membership vote favoring the logo, the Executive Board voted to make this logo the Lodge's first unique logo.

The star and ring from the Grand Lodge's logo are maintained, while adding our Lodge's information in the ring.  The number "15" indicating our Lodge number as added to the center on top of what looks like bricks.  As our Lodge is based in Romeoville, we share interest in the history of our Village.  Limestone has a historical significance to the Village of Romeoville's establishment.  The Federal Geographic Data Committee Standard for Geologic Map Symbolization pattern #627 depicts this "brick" illustration symbolizing limestone.  Daniel Zakula Jr. put together all these aspects to design this new lodge logo.

If anyone has information or photos about the history of our FOP Lodge or Romeoville Police Department, please contact us!